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Neubody BBL Inflatable Lounger is a comfortable and portable seat designed for post-butt lift surgery recovery. The lounger is inflatable, allowing for easy transport and storage. The unique design provides support and comfort for the buttocks, promoting proper healing after surgery


Using Neubody BBL Inflatable Lounger is simple and straightforward:

  1. Unpack the lounger 

  2. Connect the air pump to the valve on the lounger.

  3. Use the air pump to inflate the lounger to your desired level of firmness.

  4. Once the lounger is fully inflated, sit down on it with your buttocks fully supported by the lounger.

  5. Adjust the level of firmness if needed by adding or releasing air

  6. To deflate the lounger, simply open the valve and press the air out.

  7. Store the lounger and air pump in a cool and dry place for future use.

It is important to follow any additional instructions or guidelines provided by your surgeon and to use the lounger as directed for the best results.

  • In the case the hole was too big for your figure, you can fold a towel or a quilt to make it narrower.

  •  Inflate the lounger within 48 hours of receipt  and report any defects that may occur during that time, No refund will be excepted after this time frame


Please note, For any inflatable, please check the surface for sharp objects or anything that may pierce the material before placing it down. Please protect it from pets, heat, corrosive material like nail polish remover, sharp jewellery, sharp materials on your clothes, and keep it away from children. Misuse of the item, such as jumping or standing on it, over inflating it with air, can cause it to burst. 

It is normal for inflatables to lose some air over 24 hours. It may need inflating once a day or once a week depending on the fluctuating temperature at your residence.