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Introducing Neubody's AB Board – your post-cosmetic procedure ally. This breathable and robust board applies gentle pressure to liposuctioned areas, ensuring a faster resolution of the flattened abdomen. The Butterfly shape targets not only the umbilical region but also flanks, controlling your belly and love handles for enhanced body shaping. Say goodbye to loose skin, irregularities, and bruising as our AB Board boosts skin tightening and prevents folds. With a secure external lining, it prioritizes comfort during your recovery journey. Elevate your cosmetic transformation with Neubody's  AB Board – simplicity meets effectiveness.


- Effectively prevents fluid retention and minimizes swelling
- Adapts perfectly to individual body shapes for comfort during post-surgery recovery
- Ergonomic design covers all necessary parts of the abdominal area requiring compression
- Excludes ribs and hip bones, remaining virtually invisible under shapewear or clothing
- Lateral "wings" assist in controlling lateral abs, contributing to improved posture
- Crafted from high-quality materials for durability and ease of use
- Supports the healing process after surgery
- One-size-fits-most, extending up to the abdominal part of the abdominal wall
- Always seek approval from a doctor or surgeon before using this product.