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Essential Support for Postpartum Recovery

Whether you're caring for your newborn, running errands, exercising, or relaxing at home, the Neubody Belly Band is your perfect postpartum companion. Designed to provide targeted support, its adjustable compression straps help stabilize your abdomen and lower back, easing discomfort and promoting faster recovery.

The Original Belly Band from Neubody offers a reliable and adaptable design. Its exceptional value allows it to seamlessly transition through postpartum recovery and C-section healing, eliminating the need for multiple garments.

For C-section recovery, we recommend using our lipo foam over the incision while wearing the band for additional protection and comfort.

Experience unparalleled support as you recover with the Neubody Belly Band, addressing:

- Postpartum Tummy Binding
- C-Section Healing
- Lower Back Pain
- Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis Recti)
- Sacroiliac Pelvic Pain (SPD)
- Sciatica Pain
- Stretch Marks
- Bladder & Vulva Varicosity
- Support for Twins & Multiples
- Umbilical Hernia
- Postpartum Exercise